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Dr. Jay Flens is a board certified clinical and forensic psychologist in private practice in Valrico, Florida.  He is licensed to practice as a psychologist in Florida where his practice is devoted primarily to family law-related cases. 

In his practice, Dr. Flens performs court-appointed custody evaluations in family law-related cases [e.g.,parenting plans, child custody, relocation, modification].  A substantial portion of his practice is devoted to working as a trial consultant in both the Tampa Bay area and across the country, including reviewing custody evaluations and assisting attorneys with trial issues in custody cases [see Services for Attorneys]. Dr. Flens also consults with other mental health professionals involved in family law-related cases, with particular emphasis on the appropriate use of psychological testing in this context [see Services for Psychologists]. 

One of Dr. Flens’ principal interests is the use of psychological testing in family law-related cases.  He has published several peer-reviewed articles and book chapters on topics related to psychological testing and child custody-related issues, focusing on the use and admissibility of psychological testing in family law-related cases [see Publications].  As a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Child Custody, Dr. Flens was the first guest editor in the first double issue of the journal, entitled, “Psychological Testing in Child Custody Evaluations.”  The double issue was devoted to the use of psychological testing in child custody cases, and was reprinted as a book by the publisher. Dr. Flens has been invited to present at international, national and regional conferences on advanced issues in the use of psychological testing in child custody cases.  He regularly presents at national and regional conferences on custody-related issues, such as the use of psychological testing, intimate partner violence, gatekeeping and parental alienation [see Curriculum Vitae]. 

Dr. Flens is a member of the American Psychological Association, Association of Family and Conciliation Courts, and the Society for Personality Assessment.  In 2010, Dr. Flens was awarded Fellow status in the Society for Personality Assessment. In 2006, Dr. Flens earned his diploma (board certified) in Forensic Psychology from the American Board of Professional Psychology, joining the ranks of a group of approximately 330 Forensic Psychologists in the United States who have been board certified by ABPP.  In addition, he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Psychology (AAFP).   In 2012, Dr. Flens earned his diploma (board certified) in Clinical Psychology, and became a Fellow in the American Academy of Clinical Psychology.  From the American Board of Forensic Psychology website:

"The diploma awarded by the American Board of Professional Psychology (ABPP) is the only post-doctoral specialty certification recognized in the American Psychological Association Directory.  ABPP has been incorporated since 1947, and ABPP has rigorous standard for the credentials, work review and oral examination of applicants for three hours by a panel of three psychologists who hold the Forensic Diplomate.  No candidates are exempt from the examination or "grandfathered."

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